My Favorite Game Of All Time

My favorite game of all time is going to be League of Legends. Let me just stay it loud and clear right there so I will not have to deal with complaints that I “lead” some readers in with this article. It is League and I am proud to say it. Here is why.

League of Legends is one of those games that I can sink hundreds to thousands of hours into and still not get bored at all. Every match seems different and there is hardly any repetition. Now, I still hate the constant clicking I am doing on my mouse just to move around, but it is what it is and in some ways, it makes it even more addicting and harder to stop playing.

Why is every match different? It took me a while but it really is quite simple. The characters are so diverse and there is a ton of combinations of who you will be playing with co-operatively and who you will be against competitively. The amount of characters is unreal, plus I love seeing the little cosmetic additions that people buy. Have I been guilty of purchasing DLC? Yes, but I do not think it is a big issue considering how much I have played the hell out of the vanilla game.

I am currently on my fourth level 30 account, and I will keep going as long as I love the game. There is really no reason to stop, other than of course productivity issues. But I have solved that because I know when to work and when to play. I still play a ton, but only when I am finished doing the work I should be doing.

What computer do I play it on? Well, I love using my Lenovo K450. I bought it as a suggestion from both my friend and a couple internet sources that convinced me it was a good one. And what do you know, they were right. I did have good hardware for a great price, especially since I upgraded my stuff. Every game I play is something my computer can handle and I am proud that I upgraded such a monster.

I will continue to play League and you guys are welcome to join me. If you know how to email me, go ahead and I will add you. Also, I am answering technical PC questions (not about software, but hardware since that is what I like to specialize in and know the most about). Cheers

My Favorite Game Of All Time

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