The First 8K TV Has Spawned

Attention everyone, the first 8K TV has spawned! And I have not even bought my first 4K TV yet! Woohoo!

Obviously, this case of technology advancement is quite extreme (and I doubt many more 8K TVs would continue to be manufactured until 4K TVs start getting popular), but it is still pretty fascinating to know. The below is a screenshot of some differences in pixels for 8K TVs.

8K Television

I would say that it is going to be hard for you to see the difference in the cheetah image, but the pixel density should be apparent. Obviously, there will be way more pixels in the 8k variant than the regular HD or the 4K display.

This is good stuff, and here is hoping to the decrease in price for 4K TVs. Or at least save me one for when it is on sale! I would love to experience 4K video gaming on my beast of a desktop, but money is short right now. Happy gaming everyone.

The First 8K TV Has Spawned